The premium Japanese style barbecue restaurant
"Ito-Kacho" was opened in 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.
The restaurant has been serving diners at its first branch
in Thailand for more than six years, offering premium-grade
authentic A4 Black Wagyu beef from Japan.

our history


Black Wagyu beef is considered the epitome of Japanese beef
for its incomparable taste and texture with a marbled pattern of fat
that creates an incredibly tender beef and literally melts in the mouth.
It is without doubt a must try for everyone, especially meat lovers.

Every Monday and Tuesday of each month, customers can
enjoy unlimited dishes of the best A4 Black Wagyu in Ito-Kacho
Buffet for up to 2 hours. Pricing at 3,999++ baht/person, you can choose
to order various kind of A4 Black Wagyu along with other a la carte menu items
that range from Taraba Kani, Ebi, Hotate, Pork, Chicken,
Sushi, Sashimi, Salad to Dessert for more than 85 menu items
and drink menu from more than 40 menu items.

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